Project: mRNA Data Analysis for Cancer Diagnosis

Project: mRNA Data Analysis for Cancer Diagnosis

This research project will analyse mRNA density data measured in tumour cells of prostate cancer patients. 

The project aims to identify the set of mRNAs that are most relevant to the metastasis of prostate cancer, using methods from Machine Learning and Network Science. The goal is to predict possible metastasis sites and provide suggestions for treatment. 

The project is in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London.  

This is an interdisciplinary research project, which is interesting and challenging. The project will focus on data analysis. Knowledge in mRNA or Cancer is not mandatory. Expert from ICR will provide professional advice and insight. 


More information:

Please read the following recent student theses for more information.This project is an extension of these works. Please click links to download PDF files. 


Please contact Shi Zhou <s.zhou (at)> for more information.