Internet Routing

Inference of Internet AS relationships

We introduced a novel approach to infer the Type of Relationships (ToR) between the Autonomous Systems (AS) on the Internet using the BGP Community attribute, including multilateral peering at IXPs. They produced so far the most accurate and reliable AS relationship data. They are currently studying the usage of multiple inter-domain border links in Internet multipath routing.

Universal cloud classification (UCC)

We proposed the Universal Cloud Classification (UCC) as a universal scheme to uniquely identify each cloud provider, service and tenant across the global Internet. UCC IDs can be embedded in IP packet headers for traffic classification, which can support a variety of routing, QoS and security applications for data centres, inter-cloud routing and IoT. Cisco has filed a series of patents based on the concept of UCC.

BGP-Multipath routing in the Internet

BGP-Multipath (BGP-M) is a multipath routing technique for load balancing. Distinct from other techniques deployed at a router inside an Autonomous System (AS), BGP-M is deployed at a border router that has installed multiple interdomain border links to a neighbour AS. We provided the first measurement and a comprehensive analysis of BGP-M routing in the Internet. We revealed that BGP-M has already been extensively deployed and used in the Internet. This study provided the state-of-the-art knowledge on BGP-M with novel insights into the unique features and the distinct advantages of BGP-M as an effective and readily available technique for load balancing.